Original plan: Post this Monday, be in its normal black and white glory.
Revised plan: Realized the comic worked better with color, and with my recent adventures, decided to color, and release early because I’m so happy with it!

I haven’t put this much effort into a color comic in a LONG time, so it was a lot of fun (but a LOT more time, would have been shorter if it wasn’t for the stupid robots) to do again. Not sure if I’ll continue in color, but it was a fun experiment.

Don’t get the joke, or are you groaning so loud that you want to punch someone? Direct that hate towards this guy, king of obscure song clichés. He wanted to make the comic himself, asked for some of my template files and everything, and decided to give it to me. Well, shucks, thanks. Bet you didn’t expect me to put this much effort into it, though.

I’m starting to get back into my happy spot with the comic again, but I’ll keep making sketches at the blog as my therapy.