Fun facts about today’s comic:

1) Another WoW comic, of course.
2) This comic is about a week late. I’ve actually been playing WoW since Sunday last week and got the expansion Wednesday.
3) There are no starving families that Mark would donate the expansion to. They already have it, made Death Knights with them, and have them leveled to 70 already, clearly.

Aside from that, this is one of those learning comics for me, technique-wise. Just trying to find the thing that works for me. That probably explains why I’m a week late finishing this one, despite having it almost half-way done last Sunday.

On that note, its 4am. Thank god I don’t work today… Though I work tomorrow, and this will pose a problem.

P.S., I can finish the inking and cleaning stages in the time it takes to listen to the album of Scenes from a Memory. Awesome.