Exposition: This is the very first comic I actually wrote in that comic ideas file, way back when (the day after that comic, actually). I always intended on doing this comic, but I figure I’d save it for a rainy day. Well, unfortunately, the iPhone 3Gs now does video, and it sort of killed the comic, but I kept it locked away, since the original 3G model doesn’t do video at all.

Since I couldn’t come up with anything else this week, and I don’t want to go a week without a comic (so far so good!), I whipped this up in a short two hours for your pleasure. Would have been an hour and a half had I decided to stick with a retro black and white (you can check it here to see what the comic may have looked like back in 2008!) but I figure I’d keep the color ball rolling.

Hopefully I’ll have a new comic Monday … If I can think of anything.

P.S.: Real conversation. Whimper and all.