Fun Facts for the day!

Another rush job, but its Monday, and I can’t bare not to post SOMETHING! Though, this “something” was what I originally wanted to post either on April 13th or 20th, but I enjoy doing the topical comics more, hence why we had Jesus and me playing video games instead. Exciting.

Maybe I can start getting back on schedule (aka not posting an hour before Tuesday) this week. Just because I love you all.

Added Note: So, turns out I epicfail’d on the actual punchline here. The visual joke here was that we were in Wal*Mart caching/shopping because the store is so big. Maybe I should have used Canadian Tire as a better example. Oh well, whats done is done.

PS: I didn’t draw arms just to save time. Or I’m retconing the comic and making you all lepers.